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A Failed Experiment

First book completed in 2011

Final book completed in 2011

I LOVE to read. Anyone who knows me, recognizes that and in the past I have kept records of the book I have completed so at the beginning of 2011, I decided to challenge myself to read a 111 books. To make it, a realistic goal I did not count picture books; even though I read hundreds of them, because I don’t believe it to be a suitable objective for an adult reader.

I made my goal BUT in the process found what has brought me pleasure since of I was a toddler now had become a task, a chore, a note on my checklist.

Words give me pleasure and as I read, I will stop and notice how an author turns a phrase or brings the reader into the narrative. I will daydream about the characters and what they must be feeling and how would I feel if I were part of their world. These enjoyments were forsaken in the quest to add numbers to my Goodreads tally.

As an ELA teacher I encourage my students to read daily, offering them time in our schedule for just this action. I have read books by admired professionals who propose that students should read a certain number of books. I pondered this issue and have finally made the decision, that based on my experience, I would rather, my learners read one book well than hastily move through a preset number to prove they enjoy reading.

Goals are good; they help motivate a person to get from point A to point B but for me, I will NEVER set another goal where reading for pleasure is concerned. It is the reading that is important not the completion.