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ISTE11 – Philadelphia: Workshop Day

Convention Center in Philadelphia

Convention Center in Philadelphia

The conference sessions do not officially begin until Monday but there are many things to keep one busy on the weekend. I chose to spend today in 3 hour workshops.

Using Technology With Classroom Instruction That Works, Howard Pitler, Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction at McRel, 2nd Edition of “Classroom Instruction That Works”coming out in January, http://www.mcrel.org/technology

  • The nine strategies of Classroom Instruction That Works are actually categories. The strategies are part of the categories.
  • https://sites.google.com/site/iste2011mcrel/ – Resources for this workshop and many great links to technology sites to support McRel categories/strategies.
  • Plurk (http://www.plurk.com/) like Twitter but allows threaded discussions
  • When employing instructional strategies always ask – “How do we know it works?”
  • In educational research .4 is a high for effect.
  • Polleverywhere – is free for about 35-40 responses
  • Setting Objectives: is the process of establishing a direction for learning, is a skill that successful people have mastered to help them realize both short term/long term goals, make sure objective is stated in writing and begins with “we” – not met unless everyone is involved, students should have opportunity to personalize the objective – “I want to know…” One way is to break down objective into subcategories, do a KWL and then add the students questions to the categories, students creates contract I know, I want to know, I will show this by.
  • Social Bookmarking – better way to disseminate information to colleagues and students rather than email or list links. Also better way for students to find information rather than Google Search.
  • Rubistar – helps students to understand at the onset of a instruction what is expected. Free, offers many different templates, and the ability to create your own.
  • Common Core app available to articulate the standards – http://www.masteryconnect.com/
  • Track Changes (Word or Google Docs) allows you to demonstrate how to summarize using four rules (refer to workshop resources/summarizing)
  • BrainPop app for iPad
  • Lesson Structure for Notetaking/Summarizing
  • Advanced organizer on penguins with Inspiration – five areas.
  • Watch video
  • Take notes (personal preference) on five areas
  • Collaborate to construct five sentences – one per each area
  • Show video again. Modify thinking as necessary.
  • Create Combination Notes – template at resource link

Tuning Up the H.E.A.T.: Designing Rigor and Relevance into Learning Tasks – Bernajean Porter, consultant Porter Consulting

  • http://coachingheat.wikispaces.com/– resources for workshop including handouts
  • Students responding to what the teachers asks is NOT rigor.
  • “Technology accelerates something.”
  • Double loop learning – reflecting, responding, etc.
  • Gladiator Teacher – “Here’s the assignment, go forth, and good luck.”
  • Teaching the tool isolated from strategies does not = integration of the tool.
  • The highest technology is “questions.” Problem-based learning
  • Goal not to make a movie anymore but to make an impact – “Attention has now become the most precious nonrenewable resource on the earth.” Tony Hayes
  • The biggest factor in engagement is curiosity.
  • 38:1 is the ratio of teacher questions to student questions and about 85% are closed questions.
  • Raising the percentage of open ended questions increases test scores significantly.
  • Questioning website – http://fno.org/indexb.html
  • Without strong questioning skills, you are just a passenger on someone else’s tour bus. You may be on the highway, but someone else is driving. Jamie McKenzie
  • Idea for project – If you were a publishing market director, design a book-trailer that would SELL, SELL, SELL a book that needs to be read? Example of a good book trailer – The Graveyard Book” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_UUVwTaemk
  • Story is how people organize data.
  • Tools are not higher order – the task is
  • Bibme.org – for citation
  • radcab – look for credible, reliable searches – http://www.radcab.com/
  • Voicethread – use to debate asynchronously