Self-paced Learning: Part Two

Hyperdocs are a great way to implement self-paced learning but using the same thing repeatedly become boring. Here are two different ways to integrate a self-paced learning cycle.

  1. Deck.Toys: This website allows you to create a path of interactive activities. Similar to hyperdocs, each step is plotted on a grid rather than a linear flow chart, which allows for differentiation. One aspect I like is that you may put a lock on the activity. This allows students to answer a clue question to unlock the task. I use the feature to make sure students have really completed the previous activity. The site comes with ways to embed formative questions with the tasks. I found that it was fairly intuitive. Deck.Toys is free allowing the teacher two classrooms up to 35 students with three decks. The PRO version is about $8.00 a month coming with unlimited classrooms and decks. Students can log in with Google so the class links can be posted at Google Classroom. Here is a sample of one of my decks. A video that shares even more!
  2. ClassCraft Quests: Classcraft is free but the quests only come with its Premium version which costs $8.00 a month. Students are part of a Role Playing Game, earning points for grades and positive behavior. The quests are a way to earn more points as well as integrate a self-placed lesson. You choose a setting and then create paths that lead to various places embedding tasks alongs the way. The quest can include a storyline to make it more interesting and can include different branches for differentiation. The part that I particularly like is that the teacher can control when the student moves on by checking to see if the task has been completed. The drawback is class time is spent monitoring students rather than small group work etc.  I have one class that requires this kind of monitoring and use it more with them. Recently Classcraft updated to enabled “self -paced progress.” This program also syncs with Google Classroom, making it easy to create classes.

A Classcraft Quest on Writing in Active Voice

I have enjoyed implementing self-paced instruction into the curriculum and am now spending time reflecting as to when and how it is most effective for student learning.

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