Rethinking the Challenges

2016 was a challenging year. Living in a red state with a blue ideology was tough. Several Facebook purges incurred and I was grateful to my Twittersphere for showing me that not all believed as those around me and in fact they were downright scared as I was and am.

While it is discouraged to talk about controversial issues that didn’t stop my students from blogging and voiced their concerns in class discussions. I found that even when I didn’t agree with them, their ideas were carefully thought out and for that I was pleased.

I am in my 26th year of teaching and the stakes have never been higher. I feel like I am being asked to teach with one arm tied behind my back. Whenever I reach a goal, the powers that be throw a wrench into so that I am not sure I actually met the goal or they actually prevented it from being met.

So.. how does one go on to instruct and inspire? At this point I don’t have any other ideas except to take it one step at a time. BUT I vow that when I reflect  – this year I will look for those positive things that do happen and be grateful. I hope by focusing on the little things, the dread of future will lessen a bit.


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