It’s Good To Be Alive!

It’s August and I am feeling more like Andy Grammer and less like Twenty-One Pilots, at least for now. Students arrive tomorrow and I like the new – new classroom decorations, new plans, new people to get to know and help develop a passion for reading and writing.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t had my moments. Our school system micromanages more and more each year. This time it is grade books, common assessments, and advisories. BUT I am going to work hard to remember it is what I do that makes the difference and I want my students to learn more about the world through reading and writing. I want them to problem solve, which will help them to be more effective in whatever they choose to do.

So here’s to the final day to sit back and read for pleasure, enjoy a Netflix offering, or just generally relax. Onward to try to make a difference.


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