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Not owning an iPad, I haven’t really gotten into the app world much. I have installed a few on my iPhone but none for educational purposes until I ran across a description of Book Retriever. This nifty app allows you to scan your classroom library and then students will be able to check out your books.

I own thousands of books and encourage my students to check out as many as they want or need but when a Newberry Award winner went missing last year no one wanted to own up to it and I was disappointed. So it got lost, things happen, but I wish the student would have helped me by admitting that he or she had been reading the book. Book Retriever will help me to know who last had the book.

Of course this takes time. I have decided to only scan multi-chapter books, and only those set out for check out. That will allow me  to have the entire school year to go through my inventory. It also took me some time to add my students. All the entering of data is into my iPhone and for me it is a tedious process. BUT after all of the entering of data, the fun began. A student brought me their book, I scanned, chose their name and knew then who is currently reading this selection.

The creator of the app, Ben Conn, is an email away. I was having trouble logging into the app and asked for help. He quickly got back with me and corrected my thinking.

If I had one picky complaint, I wish Ben had a way to enter Scholastic Books into his data base. I had to manually enter most of my inventory that I purchased through warehouse or book fair sales. Perhaps though, that is not possible since Scholastic purchases these books from other publishers.

The app is $.99 and available for Android devices as well. If you want to know who is reading what, as well as keeping track of your inventory, check it out!

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  1. Caitlin

    I am so excited to try this app. Our school just gave us iPads, so I think it will be easier to load my books and students (based on your description above). I have a huge class library, and a notecard system for checkout. It kills me when a book goes missing! Caitlin (

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