24th Southeast Regional IRA Conference – Part Two

Regie Routman on School Reform

Schools are are data obsessed and with not enough instruction going on. “Assess kids not too much: mostly teach.” Must have a strong leader and 90% participation in new ideas for reform to be successful.

Students required modeling and guided instruction with formative assessments, (feedback) and work toward release of responsibility. rather than multiple assessments.

Students should write for audience and purpose rather than a prompt with a rubric. We are “rubricizing our kids” too much.

Professional Development must be ongoing rather than “One Day Wonder Training.”

Teachers needs to have an interesting life outside of school to share passion to their students.

Teaching Latin Roots: A Liberating Strategy for Enhancing Vocabulary

Instruction should begin with introduction of a root. Then students acquire a working list of 7-8 words using the root. Give them several opportunities to practice working with the words by playing games, creating sentences or stories in a word study journal, discussion and constructing new words.

Let’s Get Moving: Action Strategies that Improve Student Literacy

Students should go beyond simple comprehension activities to ones using literature that require them to activate multiple intelligences like body-kinesthetic (dramas and enactments)

Inner Outer Circle – Form two circle of students and place one group inside the other. Provide an open-ended question about a piece of text that inner circle will discuss while out circle listens. Reverse roles and outer circle picks up discussion sharing and addressing anything they heard in the first discussion. Debrief by generating a list of 3-5 examples that support their thoughts.

Tableaux – After reading text have small groups of students construct a “human statue” that communicates an idea or single moment from text. Audience should discuss what they see and what message it communicates.

Hot Seat – Have a person (or persons) take on the character(s) from text and create an “Oprah” like environment. The audience can ask questions to help to understand characterization and motivation.

Readers Theatre – emphasizes oral expression. Students should be encouraged after performing several to write their own scripts.

Understanding My Way: Using Multiple Intelligences to Teach Comprehension Strategies

Presenter developed chants to help students better understand strategies that proficient readers use. Word Attack, Monitoring, Inferencing, Identifying Important Information, Summarizing, Visualizing, and Generating and Answering Questions.

Steps to Teaching Strategies: Introduce, Explain, Teach the chant, Model how you (the teacher) use the strategy, Allow time to practice, Ask students to reflect and share how they use the strategy. Chants are at Reading Railways.

Exploring Adolescent Literacy Practices in Sociocultural Media Technology Contexts

Steps to Making a Movie – notetaking/journaling, story development, screen write, revision.

During screen writing authors should “paint the scene, characters, action and dialogue.”  Teachers help students to do this by asking them to visualize the scene. Listen to how real people talk to have authentic dialogue.

Grammar should be seen as an opportunity rather than something to be corrected.

Videos can be seen on YouTube – “I Am What I Learn”.

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