24th Southeast IRA Regional Conference – Part One

Rosemary Wells:

Referred to Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, that 10,000 hours equals greatness, therefore we have to find ways to provide students 10,000 hours with books. Jane Healy, author of Endangered Minds warns of the decline in language skills by overuse of media like television. “The most important 20 minutes of the day is reading to your children.” My Shining Star is a companion to Read To Your Bunny. “Children spell love – TIME.” “A child who is read to becomes a producer instead of a consumer in life.” Wells’ website includes poster that summarizes My Shining Star and an essay on the importance of reading. Rosemary Wells

Differentiating Your Instruction to Get’em All To Think:

Prereading Strategy – Give students clues (excerpts from the text choice) and ask them to share their clues for one minute. Return to cohort group and put what they learned together to predict the topic of the text choice. Show a picture and have students confirm or reject guess.

http://www.blabberize.com – upload picture and audio file; the site will sync both so that the graphic speaks the text.

http://www.animoto.com – three steps to slide show w/music

Google Lit Trips – place marker, image maker, summarizer,

Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instructiongood book

Wear a word in a name tag holder pouch to share the importance of vocabulary and then have kids wear their words.

Attach best words with ribbon to bottom of a book jacket and display.

3-5 thousand words a year to keep students at grade level.

40,000 words by high school (Stahl & Nagy, 2006)

Word Study NOT word memorization. Copying words from dictionary results in 8% memory of word.

Agatha’s Feather Bed – wordplay by Carmen Agra Deedy

Navigating Comprehension in the Content Area:

Check readability level of informational texts (i.e. textbooks). Flesch-Kincaid – put three 100 word passages into a Microsoft Word. Go to Preferences, Grammar/Spelling, select “Readability Statistics” and then perform a spell check. The information will be displayed at the end.

Use “THIEVES” as a prereading strategy for informational text. Have students skim and scan for T=Title, H=Headings, I=Introduction, E=Every first sentence in each paragraph, V=Vocabulary, E= End of Chapter Questions or Extra Elements, S= Summary.

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