It’s A New Day for Professional Development


As an educator, professional development for me is continuous. Traditionally it is usually held at a school, surrounded by peers, involving a topic selected by an administrator.

Too bad that as teachers we are not given the opportunity to have choice and for me that choice is allowing me to choose what kind of PD I need. I love to attend conferences. I get a lot out of traveling and meeting people from all over the world. I also enjoy Webinars.

Webinars are PD sessions, often offered free that are virtual presentations. Today, I spent almost over two and half hours with The topics ranged from Google to Skype, each presenter sharing authentic ways of integrating technology into the learning and instructional curriculum. Presenters offered ideas using many free tools and eResources. No dressing up and leaving home, opportunities to ask anonymous questions, laundry and other house keeping got done in between sessions. What a wonderful way to learn!!!! The following are my notes.

K12 Webinar Series – July 20, 2011 #sk12

Google Tools For Visual and Spatial Learners

Google Sky – .com/sky

Google Image Swirl – part of Google Labs

Google Squared

Google News Timeline

Google Fast Flip

Google Trends

Wixify Your Webquests


Webquest  is inquiry-oriented, higher-level thinking, student centered, interactive, web-based (Teacher limits the searching for sites)

A website builder has more options such as clipart, ease of hyperlinking, templates etc, Presenter uses Wix- (fun, flashy, free)

Using Dropbox

Presented by Jerry Swiatek @jswiatek

Use to create a paperless classroom

Archives all the #edchat – includes info on Dropbox as well as utilities to use with it.

2 GB of free storage, if you refer people receive 240mg per referral

Will sync with the web, phone and any other computers; students can turn in work from home

#edcamp –

Easy 21st Century Projects Ideas for Core Curriculum-Grace Dunlap

Language Arts: Students choose a literary character or author and create a social networking profile page. Use

Science: Study and Survive Volcanic Eruptions – gather info from Internet on volcanos, create a timeline for a particular volcanic eruptions. Use Tiki-Toki: to create a free web-based timeline. Can add video and audio to the timeline.

Social Studies: Create Marco Polo’s Online Auction Site – research Marco Polo’s travels. Set up an online auction site for him to sell some of his travel finds. Can use MS Word, PPt but can also use Free Web tool – www, Online Photo Editing program- easy to use with most editing functions and can add text.

Can save to image format, email, or print.

Math: Deliver a Viral Video About Functions – share information and create content. Create an Internet Video about a function family but needs to motivate. Use to tape the desktop screen for up to 15 minutes. Free tool, can save the video. Upgrade is $12.00 a year.


Spark Creativity and Innovation: Help Students Create and Share Original Multimedia Works Online

Renny Fong – @TimeOutDad

Web 2.0 – create content instead of just using, save work and go back to work on it.

Kerpoof – owned by Disney, web-based, interactive, create original artwork, share work in safe environment, teachers can manage student accounts.

Most of site materials are free to educators.

Breaking Down the Four Walls of Your Classroom With Skype

Presented by Jerry Swiatek @jswiatek – free download for free calls to other Skype users

Shows students there is more to the world outside their classroom, bring in experts, connect with other classrooms, distance learning

In Skype – go to extras for plugins to extend the experience of Skype – video tape the session, crete a whiteboard for collaborating, etc.

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  1. Charlotte IRIS Connect

    Putting professional development into the hands of teacher’s is vitally important if it’s going to be effective. Sharing ideas, innovations and experiences is fantastic and proven way for adults to learn and something that we believe in at IRIS Connect. This is also something that TeachMeet are putting into practice in their events across the UK.

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