Most Inspiring Day at ISTE11 Philadelphia

The Renown Kathy Schrock!

The Renown Kathy Schrock!

What a wonderful day!!!! I was inspired and learned so much from the following presenters. If only everyday of a conference could be so great!!!!

Beyond Words: Using Infographics to Help Kids Grapple with Complexity -Jane Krauss, Consultant with Diana Laufenberg, Reinventing Project-Based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age

Empathy: The 21st Century Skill – Alan November, November Learning –

  • When teaching new tools, assessment is the weakest part.
  • Demonstration with book trailers on “Number the Stars,” Connecticut teachers enjoyed the trailers but Denmark teachers were angered. The issue of symbols is important, be careful of what images are used because images tell a story and may not be the story you want told,
  • To remedy, go to Root Zone Database – for country codes, then go to Google – site:dk “number the stars” to get their point of view. When using books or issues/problems that take place in other countries, make sure to represent that point of view by inputting the country code to get in country resources.
  • Asked CEO of largest bank in the world HSBS, What is the most important skill that separates top talent? Empathy – hold lots of different views at the same time. US citizens tend to be poor in this area believing that if it is done different, it is wrong. Personal Quality – passion
  • Globalize the curriculum – does any country touch what you teach? any global connections?
  • In US economy, 9% of GNP is trade with other countries. Germany 40%
  • A kindergarten classroom use Skype to grandparents, which included some from non-US countries. An Irish grandmother taped a local book and sent the book and recording to the students.
  • Use Twitter to get global contacts for information and add value to the curriculum, look for hashtags that will yield the information you want. Possible to find someone with Skype to get first hand interviews. (Building a global network.) Can add passion if we have authentic conversations.
  • Find a school in England teaching the American Revolution – site: “American Revolution”
  • Eli Pariser, TED talk, google in the bubble “Beware online “filter bubbles” People are getting a narrower and narrower perspective based on personal beliefs. Biased point of view based on prior experiences.
The Enlightening Alan November

The Enlightening Alan November

SIGILT Forum and Annual Meeting: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Innovation! – Chris Lehmann, Science Leadership Academy and a sampling of his  amazing students

  • Process includes – Inquiry, Research, Collaboration, Presentation, Reflection
  • Technology should be like oxygen, necessary but invisible.
  • Students feel empowered when they have control over how they learn material and how they show that they have learned it.
  • Technology helps to make school a “second home,” by using social networking and communication tools to stay in touch 24/7.
  • Fresh Philadelphia – nonprofit begun by an SLA student. –
  • Pizza is a great motivator – way to collaborate and build vision.
  • Need creative/motivational test prep rather than a test-driven curriculum.
  • Make school about the way we live now – not what you will do in the future.
  • It’s not failure BUT trial and error.
  • Respect yourself, respect others, and respect this class as a place of learning.
  • Rubric addresses project Design, Knowledge, Application, Presentation, and Process –
  • Marcie Hull –,

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