Orlando IRA – Final Day

A Wonderful Way to End a Conference, A Visit to Hogswart!

A Wonderful Way to End a Conference, A Visit to Hogswart!

Get Plugged Into Reading! Innovative Web 2.0 Strategies You Can Use to Connect Readers to Literature Online: Cynthia Liu, Lindsey Levitt, Kate Messner, Olugbemisola Ruday-Perkovich

  • Kate Messner – Using Skype, offers free Skype visits to any class who has read her books on her lunch hour for twenty minutes or in the evening for author night celebrations, published authors are not necessarily great writers but are great revisers, Maintains a list of authors who Skype on her website http://www.katemessner.com Username is katemessner on Skype. She often does Q&A sessions on Skype, share writing and revision process,; also a way to humanize the life of an author. Students usually get ready for the Skype visit as with a real-world visit, creating artwork from the book, responding photos with writing prompts, etc. @katemessner
  • MrSchuReads – Collaboration with teachers/librarians, begin by planning with Google Docs, based the project on a book and create activities that both schools do, used Animoto to synthesize the final product,  each class created a bulletin board about the other, shared podcasts, collaborate with Edmodo to talk about books and each school, Tik-a-Tok to create books. (Call Recorder will record video and audio (Skype) and edit with Quicktime.)
  • Lindsey Leavitt: “Social Networking: How to tweet, friend, like & follow in the classroom & beyond,” http://www.lindsayleavitt.com , @lindsay_leavitt, Create a classroom Twitter page with a locked account, Use Twitter as a springboard to other ways of communication. Follow authors/educators/libraries/classrooms, happy coincidences – find people through requests, mini book reports -140 characters, connect with other schools and libraries, Tweet Chat – real time chat, yalitchat, pbchat, edchat, kidlitchat, – many archive for later reading, #Hastag allows for an alternative to live chat, Facebook – Book/Fan pages – students can “Like” these pages, Classroom pages, every time Facebook changes, check privacy options,  alternative for schools who filter out Facebook is Edmodo – http://www.edmodo.com, Combine mediums – networked book group, sister classroom, author celebration, mentor programs, classroom network, author could do a guest blog for classroom
  • Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich: wikis – low tech, easy to set up, never ending story – ongoing process of revision, process/product shared by all users, wikispaces, wikipedia, mashpedia, readwriteconnect.wikispaces.com, great for collaborations between classrooms, Voicethread – great for storytelling or reflection, example at digitalwritingworkshop.wikispaces.com, tnadolescentliteracy.wikispaces.com

It was a worthy conference. I learned many new things. Looking forward to next year in Chicago!

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