ISTE 2010 Day One


After reading blogs and tweets last year about NECC in Washington, I decided to see the excitement for myself. The conference is now part of ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education). This year’s meeting is in Denver. After one day I must say that I am quite impressed. The Colorado Conference Center seems like a treasure hunt. Every way you walk, there is a display with something to read or do.

I attended a half day institute, opening session and a meet/share. The institute was one of the most prepared and professional ones I have ever attended. The three presenters were ready with their stuff and that was quite amazing since two of them presented from Alaska. This wiki contains all of the information from the institute as well as many extensions.

The opening session hosted by Mario Armstrong was entertaining, funny but thought provoking. It helped to know that we are not alone when battling those elements who disuade rather than support.

The meet/share dealt with the updated NETS and I chose to sit in on the “Creativity and Innovation”. My fellow tech enthusiasts came from all over the world including Australia. Some of the ideas I came away with include –

  • There is no such thing as a “digital native” when the world changes as fast as it does.
  • Teachers don’t have to be experts in the tech tools. Let students have space and be there for support. Our job is to teach them how to read and write.
  • Gamemaker (a free download) is a great way to motivate student to practice learning content.
  • Use problem-based learning (as well as collaborating with other classrooms) to prompt relevant research papers.
  • Allow students to post to a daily blog/wiki to let parents know “what they did that day in school.”

Looking forward to Day Two!

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